By (author): Daniel MacIvor

In Communion, a recovering alcoholic and her estranged daughter try to negotiate a new relationship in spite of vastly different lifestyles; Was Spring tells the story of three women who suffered a tragic accident years ago; and Small Things explores how the little differences keep us from understanding each other.


Daniel MacIvor

Daniel Brooks is one of Canada’s most accomplished theatre makers. As a writer, director, and performer, he has collaborated with some of the country’s finest talents in producing a body of daring and original work. He has created shows with Don McKellar, Tracy Wright, Daniel MacIvor, Guillermo Verdecchia, John Mighton, and Michael Ondaatje, among others. His many achievements include a series of monologues created with Daniel MacIvor, direction of work by John Mighton, Beckett, Chekhov, Ibsen, Sophocles, Borges, and Goethe, and the musical The Drowsy Chaperone.His published work includes Insomnia, The Noam Chomsky Lectures, The Eco Show, The Good Life, Bigger Than Jesus, and The Full Light of Day. He was co-artistic director of the Augusta Company, artistic director of Necessary Angel from 2003 to 2012. He was also a playwright-in-residence at the Tarragon Theatre for seven years and the Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitor at the University of Toronto. His many theatre awards include the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre. Daniel’s work has toured across Canada and around the world.


“A breath of fresh air in a world increasingly divided along political and spiritual lines, where hatred and violence are too often the result. Beautifully written…” —David Bateman, Daily Xtra


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March 25, 2016



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