The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing

By (author): C.K. Kelly Martin


C.K. Kelly Martin

C.K. Kelly Martin is the author of such acclaimed novels as I Know It’s Over, One Lonely Degree, The Lighter Side of Death, My Beating Teenage Heart, Yesterday, Tomorrow, The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing, and Delicate. A graduate of the Film Studies program at York University, Martin currently resides in Oakville, Ontario.


“Takes readers on a heartfelt journey of longing, love, self-discovery and newfound hope. Martin has succeeded in offering poignant prose, a fresh perspective, witty, slice-of-life dialogue and well-rounded characters.”
– Best Books for Kids and Teens

“Teenage girls attracted to the morass of emotional drama that can dominate teen life will devour The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing.”
– CM Magazine

“The writing is thoughtful, with moments of smiles, and the topics are relevant and believable. For the mature reader, this will be a book they wish there was a sequel to!” E for Excellent
– Resource Links

The Sweetest Thing has got a whole roller coaster of YA ups and downs. If you enjoy YA Fiction, you will enjoy Martin’s book.”
– Back Porchervations

“The writing is down to earth and sensitive and I love, love that [protagonist] Serena is flawed. Yes, there are other characters in this story, but Serena is the story for me.”
– Bookshipper

“Martin has written exactly like a teenager would think and her characters are those you fall in love with immediately—even the bad ones.”
– Rhea’s Neon Journal

“Anyone in high school should read this book. It may just help them out and put some perspective on life.”
– Book Lit Love

“I have to say that this book was actually amazing and just a really, really good read.” 5/5
– The Book Landers

“Truly one of the most realistic light-but-heavy novels I’ve read with realistic concerns.”
– Bookish Confections

The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing has a lot of great things to say about slut- and virgin-shaming, and I love it all.”
– A Reader of Fictions

“An emotional and fulfilling story. I hope that other readers will love it just as much as I do.”
– Actin’ Up With Books

“Very contemporary romance with some real issues that girls have to face every day.”
– Creating Serenity

“I did not want to put it down, and I fell in love with the characters very fast. I would highly recommend this book to any YA contemp lover.”
– Beneath the Jacket

“C.K. Kelly Martin expertly weaves a story based on the typical confusion of the teen years but with an atypical, devastating situation that impacts that confusion all the more … Martin gets [it] very right and, without making Serena’s life a Broadway musical, she allows her to find a song that is sure to become sweeter.”
– CanLit for Little Canadians

“[An] excellent, subtle novel that fans of contemporary YA shouldn’t miss.”
– Clear Eyes Full Shelves

The Sweetest Thing You Can Sing is a touching story of the realities of adolescence … The Sweetest Thing is poignant and touching, following the highs and lows of one young woman’s decision-making process. Masterfully crafted, it is an accurate reflection of a high schooler’s thought processes and hobbies, rather than a stereotyped version common in high-school targeted literature.”
– American Mensa


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September 01, 2014


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