The Supreme Orchestra

By (author): David Turgeon

Translated by: Pablo Strauss

A motley crew of characters deftly woven into a brilliant mashup of the spy novel and the art-world parody.
We know how Simone met the man who will become, for a time, her fourth husband. We know what she does (artist), her friends (a veritable menagerie), her habits (frustrated homebody). What remains to learn are the things she still doesn’t fully understand herself, like her role in the affair of the Port Merveille diamond. The Supreme Orchestra is many things at once: a geopolitical thriller, an art-world exposé, a digressive social study, a mischievous parody.


Pablo Strauss

Pablo Strauss was born in Williams Lake, grew up in Victoria, and has lived in Québec City for over a decade. He has translated several works of Québec fiction and published shorter translations and reviews in Granta, Geist, and The Montreal Review of Books.


David Turgeon

David Turgeon is the author of four novels. He has also published several graphic novels, including La muse récursive and Les pieces détachees with Vincent Giard. He has written a collection of essays called Le magnétophone de Yoko. Pablo Strauss has translated Atavisms and Baloney by Maxime Raymond Bock, and The Longest Year by Daniel Grenier, for which he was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation.


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220 Pages
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October 16, 2018


Coach House Books



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