the small blue

By (author): Jay MillAr

What is the small blue? It is a condition. It is a fragmented mood disorder. It is a lyric state, a meditation that moves backward, an exercise in psychic time. It includes impressions, forgotten bits, broken lyricism, biographical sketches. the small blue- a feeling or perhaps the distant translation of a feeling. It is the literal translation of an obscure line from Apollinaire: ‘le petit bleu.’ What is the small blue? It is a book of fragments.


Jay MillAr

Jay MillAr is a poet, publisher and bookseller. He is the proprietor of Book*hug Press and the author of many privately published editions. His full-length books include The Ghosts of Jay MillAr (2000, Coach House), Mycological Studies (2002, Coach House) and False Maps for Other Creatures (2005, Nightwood). His latest book is Double Helix, a collaborative fiction collection with Stephen Cain. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Hazel, and their son, Reid.


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88 Pages
7.0in * 4.75in * 0.4in


October 10, 2007



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