The Goodnight Bird

By (author): Colleen Murphy

Lilly and Morgan Beaumont are comfortable in their routine until Parker, a homeless man, lands on the balcony of their new condo. After scaring the older couple half to death, he pours himself into the holes of their relationship, agitating them with talk of sex—talk that drives Lilly out into the night and sends Morgan on the road to another heart attack.


Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy was born in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, and grew up in northern Ontario. Her play, The December Man (L’homme de décembre), won the 2007 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama, the CAA Carol Bolt Award for Drama, and the 2006 Enbridge playRites Award. Other plays include Beating Heart Cadaver (nominated for a 1999 Governor General’s Literary Award), The Piper, Down in Adoration Falling, and All Other Destinations are Cancelled. Twice she has won awards in the CBC Literary Competition. Colleen’s distinct, award-winning films have played in festivals around the world and include Putty Worm (’93), The Feeler (’95), Shoemaker (’96), Desire (’00), War Holes (’03), Girl with Dog (’05), and  Out in the Cold (’08).


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March 15, 2013



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