The Fish Eyes Trilogy

By (author): Anita Majumdar

Illustrated by: Maria Nguyen

Three coming-of-age solo shows that follow the lives of teenage girls who attend the same high school and process their real-life dilemmas through dance, while exploring the heartaches of youth and the meaning of heritage.

Fish Eyes is the story of Meena, a classically trained Indian dancer who, despite being obsessed with Bollywood movies and her dance career, just wants to be like the rest of her high-school friends. When she develops a massive crush on Buddy, the popular boy at school, Meena contemplates turning down an incredible opportunity to pursue him, even if he barely notices her.

Boys With Cars follows Naz, also a classically trained Indian dancer, who dreams of getting out of small town Port Moody to attend the University of British Columbia. But when Buddy causes a stir over Naz at school, Naz’s university plans begin to crumble quickly.

Let Me Borrow That Top centres on Candice, a girl who appropriates Meena’s Indian dance skills and bullies Naz after a nasty rumour spreads through the halls of their high school. But like her two enemies, Candice shares a passion for Indian dancing, and has just been accepted to the Conventry School of Bhangra. Will she leave behind the comforts of home to pursue her dreams?


Anita Majumdar

Anita  Majumdar  is  an  award-winning  playwright  and  actor  raised  in  Port  Moody,  British  Columbia.  She is an acting graduate of the National Theatre School of  Canada  and  has  trained  in Kathak and other Indian dances for over fifteen years. Her Bollywood-inspired musical, Same Same But Different, premiered at Theatre Passe Muraille and Alberta Theatre Projects and was nominated for the Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding New Play. Anita lives in Toronto. Visit for more information.


Maria Nguyen

Maria Nguyen is an illustrator from Canada. Her work is inspired by Japanese woodblock printing, Japanese comics and inner dialogues triggered by anything from a memory,  a  mood,  an  emotion, a voice, a word, a dream, or an observation. When she isn’t working on a project or getting distracted by the internet, she will likely be emerged in a podcast, movie, song, or conversation.


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February 01, 2016



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