The Doorman of Windsor Station

By (author): Julie Vincent

Preface by: Javier Alfonso

Translated by: Hugh Hazelton

Francisco will forever be haunted by the sight of his best friend Juan lying on the floor of a train station, pierced by five bullets. He’ll remember that sight as he flees the political uprising in Uruguay that night. He’ll remember when he’s holding a dying homeless man in Windsor Station in Montreal eight months later. He’ll remember when he’s a successful architect. He’ll remember when he’s having an affair with a Québécoise pianist named Claire. He’ll remember when he’s much older, a vagrant sleeping in a café that was once part of Windsor Station, where he meets his son, an activist in the student strikes in Quebec.

As he tries for a better life, Francisco’s past keeps finding him, until it blurs with the present in a series of hallucinations, challenging him to reclaim his identity and his rights.


Hugh Hazelton

Hugh Hazelton is a writer and translator who specializes in the work of Latin American writers living in Canada, as well as in comparisons between Canadian and Quebec literatures and those of the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay). He has published four books of poetry and has translated eleven books from Spanish and French into English. His translation of Vétiver (Signature, 2005) a collection of poems by the Haitian-Canadian writer Joël Des Rosiers, won the Governor General’s award for French-English translation in 2006. He teaches Spanish translation and Latin American civilization at Concordia University in Montreal.

Griselda García is one of the principal voices of a younger generation of Argentine poets who have grown up in the cultural resurgence and economic uncertainty that have characterized Argentine life since the fall of the military dictatorship in 1983. She has published six collections of poetry and is highly active in the Buenos Aires literary world, both as co-editor of the small press La Carta de Oliver and as a key figure in Internet publication, which is a major component in the diffusion of contemporary Argentine writing. She has also worked with the literary review La Guacha, produced radio programs on culture and literature, worked in theatre and dance, and translated poetry by Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath into Spanish. Alucinaciones en la alfalfa y otros poemas/ Hallucinations in the Alfalfa and Other Poems is the first published translation of her work into English.


Julie Vincent

Director, playwright, actor and professor Julie Vincent received the Golden Plaque Award for Best Actress at the International Film Festival of Chicago in 1979 for her role in Mourir à tue-tête (A Scream from Silence). She has also won the Special Jury Award at Évry, France, for her one-woman show Noir de monde. She has played leading roles in ten Canadian films and appeared on television in the series Cormoran and Virginie. In Tokyo she appeared as Joan of Arc in the oratorio Jeanne au bûcher by Arthur Honegger—a role she also played at Carnegie Hall in New York. She was a professor of improvisation and interpretation at the National Theatre School of Canada for over twenty years, and is now an artistic consultant at the École nationale de cirque in Montreal. She has recently acquired specialized training in oral storytelling at the Casa de Letras in Buenos Aires. Since 2005 Vincent has devoted herself to playwriting for her theatre company Singulier Pluriel. Her work is publis


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September 18, 2017



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