Sound of Whales

By (author): David Charles Maclean

” ‘The Sound of Whales’ is a lyric-comedy about language, our obsessive reliance upon it, and how linear thought can inhibit understanding. David MacLean’s play has its roots in his personal experience in dealing with governmental, educational, and medical bureaucracies. The frustration the playwright expresses toward these institutions is balanced by the love and devotion a father feels for his son. ‘The Sound of Whales’ is at once tender and angry, intimate and universal.”- Robert Garfat, from”A Director’s Analysis.”


David Charles Maclean

David MacLean is an award-winning graphic designer, playwright and poet. ‘The Sound of Whales’ was produced by Dark Horse Theatre in Vancouver in December, 1995. The impetus for ‘The Sound of Whales’ came out of the author’s (and his wife’s) frustration dealing with the various bureaucracies regarding their son, who has Central Aphasia. Mr. MacLean lives in Deep Cove, BC with his wife, Jan, and their two children.


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January 16, 1996



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