Sins of the Daughter


Carolyn Huizinga Mills

Carolyn Huizinga Mills began her career by writing short stories and in 2017, her story “Finders” placed second in the Alice Munro Short Story Competition. Carolyn’s first picture book, The Little Boy Who Lived Down the Drain, was chosen as a 2018 Blue Spruce Honour Book. The Good Son, her first novel, was published in 2021 and Grandpa’s Stars, her second picture book, was published in 2023. A grade seven teacher, Carolyn loves to share her passion for reading and writing with her students. She grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and now lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband and two children. In addition to reading and writing, Carolyn loves playing soccer, camping, travelling, and eating dark chocolate.


“A brilliant read, and a beautiful one — this story is a harrowing reminder that love and nurture, and their ineffaceable intertwining from birth, though not perhaps always a given, are always, nonetheless, a necessity.”

“Complex, character-driven story.”

“At some point, this is every mother’s nightmarish dream — to just walk away from it all. With sharp insight and superb storytelling, Carolyn Huizinga Mills tracks three generations of women through a gripping familial maze that gets to the heart of what it means to be a mother and a daughter.”

– Merilyn Simonds, author of The Convict Lover and Woman, Watching

“A fearless, intense, and insightful examination of mothers and daughters, families and secrets, Sins of the Daughter is a taut and wise book that spirals its readers through unmissable twists and turns while staying grounded in complex and fascinating character studies.”

“The characters are vividly rendered within a story that explores emotional themes of abandonment, betrayal, and loneliness, but also identity, family, hope and redemption. Thought-provoking and affecting, this is a story about the intricacies of family bonds and the longing for connection between mothers and daughters.”


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August 27, 2022


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