Singer, An Elegy

By (author): George Fetherling

‘Singer, An Elegy’ is a long poem memorializing the author’s father and, equally, the now-obsolete industrial culture that shaped him. ‘Singer, An Elegy’ has rhetorical lightning flashes but aspires to much greater straightforwardness than Fetherling’s previous poetry.

” ‘Singer, An Elegy’ possesses all the fine qualities of Fetherling’s prose and in many ways gives them their freest rein. Eloquent passages and striking phrases allow a wide experience and erudition to operate here with often startling appropriateness.” – The Globe & Mail


George Fetherling

George Fetherling is a writer, editor, teacher, publisher, scholar, and visual artist. He is the author or editor of over 50 books ranging from poetry and fiction to biographies, cinema history, Asian Pacific studies, and histories of the gold rushes and the rise of newspapers in Canada. Mr. Fetherling is a former literary editor of the ‘Kingston Whig-Standard’ and the ‘Ottawa Citizen’ and was awarded the Harbourfront Festival Prize in 1995 for his “substantial contribution to Canadian letters.” He currently holds the post of books-and-ideas columnist at the ‘Vancouver Sun’.


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September 15, 2004



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