Shout Kill Revel

The Undrowned Order rules the land. Their horrific plans dance to the whims of ancient cosmic entities, fuelled by the fears forced upon every soul in sight. It is believed that the young woman Helmina is their messiah, that the darkness lurking within her will one day unleash an unimaginable horror upon the earth.

As that day approaches, Helmina, after a lifetime of wrestling with her cosmic affliction, must do more than run and hide from the cultists, her own mind, and the world itself to put an end to the madness.

The Wild West is over. This is the Dark West. Remain fearful.


“SHOUT KILL REVEL combines the three best genres–horror, fantasy, and the Western-in a vivid and fast-paced ride. The hand-drawn mayhem is delicious.” – Fiona Staples- Saga

“SHOUT KILL REVEL is a gorgeous book brimming with atmosphere. Expressive mark making and rich colours. Jarret is definitely a creator to watch.” Riley Rossmo –  Batman, Wonder Woman

“An absolutely killer read… SHOUT, KILL, REVEL is a brilliantly creepyLovecraftian Western that comic fans won’t want to put down.”David Pepose – HULK, Fantastic Four

“With SHOUT KILL REVEL, Jarret wears his love for sc-fi, westerns and horror on his sleeve and lets it drip onto every page. A real kick-in-the-pants triumph!” Troy Nixey – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, The Strain


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208 Pages

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April 17, 2024



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