Sensational Victoria

By (author): Eve Lazarus

The follow-up to Eve Lazarus’s successful At Home with History: The Untold Secrets of Greater Vancouver’s Heritage Homes, Sensational Victoria gives us a glimpse into aspects of Victoria rarely talked about in the tourist brochures or flowery garden guidebooks. Sensational Victoria covers legendary women, including Emily Carr, Nellie McClung, Gwen Cash, Sylvia Holland, and Myfanwy Pavelic; prominent madams and their brothels; murders in the capital – five ranging from 1898 to 1992; and, the homes of limners (painters of ornamental decoration), writers, and entertainers, including Herbert Siebner, Elza Mayhew, Pat Martin Bates, Robin Skelton, Carole Sabiston, Bruce Hutchison, Alice Munro, David Foster, Spoony Sundher, and Nell Shipman.

Lavishly illustrated throughout with archival and contemporary photographs, Sensational Victoria is a must-read for both history buffs and regular visitors to The Garden City.

Praise for Sensational Victoria:

“Sensational Victoria is an eclectic compendium of truly captivating stories. While a few are sensational because they are about murders and ghosts, most of them are sensational because they excite our senses of sight and sound and allude to our sense of smell. The work of selected artists, writers, poets, and gardeners comes to life through Lazarus’s carefully written prose, brief quotations, and excellent photographs.” (BC Studies)

“Some of the stories are well known but presented from a different perspective, and the chapter on the Linners brings to light a creative group many may not know. Overall, Sensational Victoria: Bright Lights, Red Lights, Ghosts and Gardens provides an interesting portrait of Victoria and some of the personalities that call the city home.” (Spacing)

“This has already been a stellar year for books about local history. If you’re still looking … there are more than a dozen top-quality choices on the shelves, from books on Victoria City Hall and the University of Victoria to ones on the Japanese community and Government Street. This late arrival, Sensational Victoria, is one of the year’s best. … Dozens of archival and modern photographs of the people and the buildings help to bring the stories to life. It’s a great presentation that helps make the book a success.” (Times Colonist)


Eve Lazarus

Eve Lazarus is a reporter, author, and the host and producer of the true crime podcast Cold Case Canada. She is the author of four Arsenal titles: Cold Case Vancouver: The City’s Most Baffling Unsolved Murders (2015), a BC bestseller and 2016 finalist for the Bill Duthie Booksellers’ Choice Award at the BC Book Prizes; Blood, Sweat, and Fear: The Story of Inspector Vance, Vancouver’s First Forensic Investigator (2017); Murder by Milkshake: An Astonishing True Story of Adultery, Arsenic, and a Charismatic Killer (2018); and Vancouver Exposed: Searching for the City’s Hidden History (2020). She is also the author of Sensational Vancouver (2014), , Sensational Victoria: Bright Lights, Red Lights, Murders, Ghosts & Gardens (2012), and her book At Home with History: The Untold Secrets of Greater Vancouver’s Heritage Houses was a 2008 City of Vancouver book award finalist.


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