Our Inland Sea

By (author): James Lindsay

Step right up to Our Inland Sea!

  • Watch a funnel cloud pick a fight with a Ferris wheel!
  • Visit ghost towns of Ontario and China!
  • Tour the reclaimed Goldrush Hotel!
  • Meet the genius who realized windows are the opposite of mirrors!
  • Witness critics who wrangle yeti!
  • Learn about worms that like to be watched!

With fantastical imagery and sharp pacing, these lines pull you into a carnival world where Stephen Harper might walk you to school, and Gordon Lish takes over a poem. In the pages of James Lindsay’s incredible new book, Our Inland Sea, you will discover all these marvels and many more.


James Lindsay

James Lindsay has been a bookseller for more than a decade. He is also co-owner of Pleasence Records in Toronto, a record label specializing in post-punk, odd-pop and avant-garde sound pieces.


“There?s no such thing as mundane reality in this eclectic, weirdly entertaining collection.” – Toronto Star

“Lindsay, despite his range of allusions and at times Stevensian titles ? presents with a greater seriousness of subject matter and thus a less lunging panoply of forms, though variety is there in rampant anaphora?, taut line breaks, and sectional poems versus sock-it-to-ya lyrics.” – Marrow Reviews


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80 Pages
8.86in * 5.50in * .30in


October 13, 2015



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POETRY / Canadian



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