One for the Road

By (author): Kit Brennan

One for the Road is a collection of recent Canadian plays for one actor. Often written and produced for touring and festivals, plays for one performer offer unusual challenges and benefits for both sides of the theatrical event: actor, and audience. The plays in this volume come from writers across the country, and have been road-tested in a variety of venues, from main stage to fringe, and other stops along the way.

What is most exciting about a play for one actor? Often, it’s the wonderfully intense storytelling that takes place, sometimes it’s a bravura performance. Many actors create their own one-person scripts, which are then extremely portable and self-sufficient for touring. Sometimes a one-person play arises from a personal experience?—?a kind of living, breathing memoir?—?one that the artist shapes and hones to express an important discovery or a burning question. In all cases, solo plays draw their audiences deep inside a theatrical expression, an individual vision. Laugh, cry, get angry, be moved by the strong stories in this exciting collection.

The anthology will be of particular interest to students and teachers looking for current, challenging scene work for young actors, as well as to actors searching for the perfect solo piece. Included in the volume are interviews with the playwrights, in which they discuss the creative process of writing and of producing the work.


Kit Brennan

Editor Kit Brennan is a nationally produced playwright, as well as professor and coordinator of the BFA Major in Playwriting program at Concordia University’s Theatre Department. She also teaches Storytelling, Oral Histories and Narrative Tradition, and Performing Stories, for Concordia’s Theatre and Development BFA program, a specialization which emphasizes the value of theatre in classrooms and communities to inform personal and social change. Brennan is editor of an ongoing series of new Canadian play anthologies, beginning with Going It Alone: Plays by Women for Solo Performers with Nuage Editions, and continuing for Signature Editions with Two Hands Clapping: New Plays for Two Actors, Three on the Boards: New Plays for Three Actors, a two volume collection of theatre for young people, grades one through twelve?—?Things That Go Bump, Vol. 1, Plays for Young Adults, and Things That Go Bump, Volume 2, Plays for Young Audiences?—?and most recently, Out on a Limb: Short Plays by New Playwrights, showcasing work by young writers studying playwriting at universities and professional theatre programs across Canada.


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October 01, 2012


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