O Canada Crosswords Book 19

By (author): Gwen Sjogren



Gwen Sjogren

Gwen Sjogren has earned the esteem of crossword fans by designing over 1,400 puzzles for her 19 crossword editions, with lifetime sales of over 100,000 books. Focusing on intriguing themes, wordplay and as much Canadiana as she can pack in, Sjogren has designed the last thirteen O Canada Crosswords collections. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Gwen lives in Calgary, Alberta. She’s been a guest on many radio shows and featured in newspaper articles.


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Featuring 2,600-plus Canadian clues—that’s over 20 per cent of the total—the nineteenth instalment of this popular series offers a motherlode of national content, puns and fun. As always, author Gwen Sjogren digs deep into the Canadian landscape with geography themes like “Water Marks,” “Destination: Fredericton” and “Go West, Young Scot,” and taps famous Canadians in “Great Ones of the NHL,” “Broadway Lights” and “Money Men.” She mines new Canadiana with markets, national honours and biographies. In a similar vein, this collection features fifty “Canada Cornucopia” entries which provide as much CanCon as Sjogren can pack in.

Generic-themed crosswords including “Cleanup on Aisle Pun,” “Hat Tricks” and “The Gods Must Be Crazy” drill down into wordplay. And to help solvers unearth their superior skills, five crosswords have no fill-in-the-blank clues.

With one hundred large-sized grids, this book is bursting at the seams with hours of brain-teasing amusement.

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September 01, 2018


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