New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays

New Canadian Realisms: Eight Plays collects works of contemporary theatre, each of which may be defined as “realist” through both a crucial link to the past and a zest for re-tooling old definitions. Grounded by Gwen Pharis Ringwood’s pioneering Still Stands the House, the anthology also features Trey Anthony’s ‘da Kink in my hair, Tara Beagan’s Miss Julie: Sheh’mah, Madeleine Blais-Dahlem’s sTain, Hillar Liitoja’s The Last Supper, selections from the Impromptu Splendor series by National Theatre of the World, Theatre Replacement’s BioBoxes, and Zuppa Theatre’s Penny Dreadful, as well as a series of text-specific introductions and a resource page for students and researchers. Designed to be read alongside NECT Vol. 2 but just as provocative on its own, this collection will be an ideal teaching tool for a wide array of Canadian theatre courses.


Roberta Barker

Roberta Barker is Associate Professor of Theatre at Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College. She is the author of Early Modern Tragedy, Gender and Performance, 1984–2000: The Destined Livery. Her work on early modern and modern drama in performance has been published in Early Theatre, Modern Drama, Shakespeare Quarterly, and Shakespeare Survey, among other journals and essay collections, while her articles on contemporary Atlantic Canadian theatre have appeared in Canadian Theatre Review and Theatre in Atlantic Canada.


Kim Solga

Kim Solga is Professor of Theatre Studies at Western University, where she works in the Department of English and Writing Studies. Kim’s most recent books include Theatre & Feminism, Theory for Theatre Studies: Space, and A Cultural History of Theatre in the Modern Age. She writes about teaching, performance, and activism at


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