Murder on the Orford Mountain Railway

By (author): Nick Fonda

Murder on the Orford Mountain Railway


Nick Fonda

Nick Fonda is a teacher, journalist, and writer. He has contributed to various newspapers and reviews, including the Montreal Gazette, the Montreal Star, and the Sherbrooke Record, and is the author of Principals and Other Schoolyard Bullies and Roads to Richmond: Portraits of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. He lives in Richmond, Quebec.


“Fonda is a strongly visual and conversational writer who has created a very believable setting for this work. … My final impression of Murder on the Orford Mountain Raiway is that it is an entertaining read and also that it might make an engaging Young Adult semi-novel-mystery-love story for older high school students, especially with its local flavour of last century small town Quebec.” Sandra Stock,Quebec Heritage News &#147 The details are so precise, so well turned, that one cannot help but imagine it?s all real. And a lot of it is ? So along with a great fictionalized murder mystery, the reader is privy to a fantastic history lesson about the railway system in our very own Eastern Townships. &#148 Sharon Morrissey, Montreal Review of Books

&#147(Fonda’s) poet?s ear brings a delicate lightness to his work that contrasts wonderfully with the dark subject matter?&#148 Forward Reviews’ review of Fonda’s Principals and other Schoolyard Bullies.

&#147 Fonda?s characters are well-drawn, coming to life on the page with intelligence and imagination. &#148 ?Zoe Whittall

&#147Nick Fonda has a great sense of compassion. (?) These stories are memorable for what they say and for what they suggest. We are made better, as individuals, for listening to Nick Fonda?s voices. &#148 Alistair MacLeod, winner of the 1999 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

&#147midway between a piece of historical fiction and an account of true crime? it is an engaging step back in time, one that will leave readers enlightened and engaged about our forebears and the world they lived in.&#148 Jim Napier, Ottawa Review of Books


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May 01, 2021


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