Long Story Short

Edited by: Rebecca Burton

Ideal for a range of readers, from drama students to aspiring theatre practitioners, and for those working in community and professional theatres, Long Story Short gathers from acclaimed and emerging playwrights a breadth of plays that are united in their ability to create complete and moving stories that transcend the page in about ten minutes each. Included in this anthology are works by Lawrence Aronovitch, David Belke, Chantal Bilodeau, Per Brask, David James Brock, Trina Davies, Sandra Dempsey, Francine Dick, Josh Downing, Jennifer Fawcett, Catherine Frid, Ron Fromstein, Meghan Greeley, Matthew Heiti, Arthur Holden, Florence MacDonald, Linda McCready, Yvette Nolan, Jivesh Parasram, Talia Pura, Ann Snead, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, José Teodoro, Michael Wilmot, and Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley.


Rebecca Burton

Rebecca has a B.A. in theatre and history (University of Guelph), an M.A. in theatre (University of Victoria), and is a Ph.D. ABD (University of Toronto, Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies). She is Membership and Contracts Manager and Women’s Caucus liaison for the Playwrights Guild of Canada, where she helped launch Equity in Theatre (2014–2017), PLEDGE, SureFire, and more. Rebecca also works as an educator, feminist theatre practitioner, and researcher. She authored the benchmark report, “Adding It Up: The Status of Women in Canadian Theatre” (2006), and has published in various industry journals.


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October 20, 2016



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