Little Pretty and the Exceptional

By (author): Anusree Roy

While Dilpreet Singh is trying to make sure everything is in order for the opening day of his family’s new sari shop, his daughters are focused on other concerns. Jasmeet, the youngest, has big ideas for the new store, but she’s also thinking about her upcoming prom, and her new boyfriend. Simran is too anxious waiting on her LSAT results to fully comprehend anything else and is faltering under the pressure to be the family’s first lawyer. And the trauma of their mother’s death simmers unattended under all of their thoughts. When Simran’s mental state slips past anxiety into something even more serious, her family has to address their individual problems and come together to get her help before it’s too late.

Charming, tragic, and full of life, this deeply moving story about the taboos surrounding mental health issues in the South Asian community celebrates the power of familial ties in the face of adversity.


Anusree Roy

Anusree Roy is a Governor General’s Literary Award–nominated writer and actor whose work has premiered internationally. Her plays include Trident Moon, Sultans of the Street, Brothel #9, Roshni, Letters to my Grandma, Little Pretty and The Exceptional, and Pyaasa. Her plays and performances have won her four Dora Mavor Moore Awards along with multiple nominations. She is the recipient of the KM Hunter Artist Award, the RBC Emerging Artist Award, and the Carol Bolt Award, was named as a protégé of the Siminovitch Prize, and was a finalist for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. She lives in Toronto.


“Anusree Roy is a wonderful, thoughtful writer who has opened up new worlds and stories for Canadian audiences.” —Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter


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November 19, 2018



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