I Am For You

By (author): Mieko Ouchi

Fighting words . . .

Lainie and Mariam have it out for each other, so it’s no surprise when they finally come to violent blows in the middle of their high school’s drama room. That’s when Caddell Morris, an ex-professional actor and newly minted student teacher, steps in. By teaching the girls the art of stage combat, he hopes to help them understand more about the roots and costs of violence. But when he convinces the drama teacher to let them play Mercutio and Tybalt in their school production of Romeo and Juliet, swords, words, and egos battle and clash. Can they find a way to work together?


Mieko Ouchi

Mieko is a playwright, actor, and director working in theatre, film, and television. Her plays, which include The Red Priest (Eight Ways To Say Goodbye), The Blue Light, The Dada Play, and Nisei Blue, have been nominated for several awards, including the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama and the City of Edmonton Book Prize. Mieko has also been the recipient of both the Carol Bolt Award and the Enbridge playRites Award for an Established Canadian Playwright. Her plays have been produced across Canada and the US and are translated into French, Russian, Czech, and Japanese. Mieko is co-founder and current Artistic Director of Concrete Theatre, a nationally recognized twenty-six-year-old TYA touring company. She is currently working on four new projects: Makepeace, Burning Mom, Consent, and Mariam with Amena Shehab. She lives and works in Edmonton.


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80 Pages
8.00in * 5.00in * .50in


October 20, 2016



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