Hilda’s Yard

By (author): Norm Foster

Lemonade is for people who use the front door.

It’s an exciting summer day in 1956 for Hilda and Sam Fluck. Newly on their own since their thirtysomething children Gary and Janey moved out, they are finally ready to relax. Hilda plans to hang her laundry while Sam goes to buy a shiny new television. What could disturb their simple peace?

Turns out doors are merely decoration as Gary and Janey literally fall over the fence into the backyard, looking for help out of sticky situations. Gary has lost his job, is enamoured with his new girlfriend, Bobbi, and running from a bookie named Beverly, while the ever-dependent Janey has unexpectedly left her husband. The family careens into an afternoon of calamity, showing them that ultimately they must celebrate how they can be together rather than apart.

Norm Foster’s heartwarming and relatable family comedy proves that there will always be a significant weight to an empty nest.


Norm Foster

Norm Foster has written sixty plays and has been produced all over the world from Newfoundland to Australia. His most popular plays include The Melville Boys, The Ladies Foursome, Hilda’s Yard, and On A First Name Basis. He has been given the Los Angeles Drama-Logue Award for The Melville Boys, and The Motor Trade won the best new play award at the Hollywood NAACP Awards in 2012. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2017.


Hilda’s Yard hits home with laughter, insight and nostalgia to boot.” 

“Norm Foster has a gift for comedy but in his work Hilda’s Yard the Canadian playwright also delves into the complexity of relationships—particularly within families. It’s comedy with a message.” 


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Sam: So, she’s living at home again?

Hilda: For the time being anyway.

Sam: And we’re supposed to start supporting her again. At thirty years old?

Hilda: Well, Sam, we don’t know anything for sure yet. It could be a very temporary arrangement. You know how Janey changes her mind so quickly.

Sam: Well, I hope it’s temporary. I hope it’s very temporary.

Gary enters from the house carrying a beer and a sandwich.

Hilda: It’ll be fine, dear.

Sam: I suppose it could be worse. I mean she doesn’t eat as much as Gary does.

Gary: Hi, Dad.

Sam: Gary? What are you doing here?

(to Hilda) What’s he doing here?

Hilda: Gary lost his job and is on the run from a bookie. He’s lying low here.

(to Gary) Is that what they call it, dear? Lying low?

Gary: That’s it.

Sam notices the sandwich in Gary’s hand.

Sam: Is that a sandwich?

Gary: Yeah.

Sam: You’re eating a sandwich?

Gary: Yeah.

Sam: And is that a Black Label? You’re drinking my ten-cents-a-bottle Black Label beer and eating a five-cent sandwich? Who said you could drink my Black Label beer?

Gary: I’ll pay you for it.

Sam: How, Gary? How will you pay me for it? I just heard a rumour that you’re out of work. If that’s true, how will you pay me for my Black Label beer? Tell me, because I’m very curious!

Hilda: Sam, calm down. Gary, take your father inside and get him a beer and explain everything to him. I’ve got to get this laundry in and I haven’t even started supper yet.

Gary and Sam move towards the house.

Gary: That’s a nice console television set you got.

Sam: You keep your hands off that television set. And no more sandwiches!!

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