He Speaks

Edited by: David Ferry

A collection of contemporary Canadian monologues for men, intended for auditions, study, or general interest.

“Sometimes [the author] will talk about horror, sometimes about love. Sometimes the love they examine is also the horror they expose. They will look at memories and sort them or they will rage at the machine. They will seek to find their identity in the shifting sands of an ever-changing universe. They will throw up images of stark beauty or complex ugliness; propose maxims with deep moral implications or question slippery ethical standards; they will juxtapose the ludicrous with the divine and they will mock, glorify, penetrate or expose just about everything in society. All these will our authors do to discover the only ‘one great thing’—the story.” —from the introduction by David Ferry


David Ferry

David Ferry is a director, dramaturge, actor, and teacher. He was the consulting artistic director of Resurgence Theatre Company and the York Shakespeare Festival. David was also artistic director of Bluewater Summer Playhouse in Kincardine, Ontario from 1998–2002. David won the 2006 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best Direction for The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (also Best Production Dora) and was invited to the 2006 Festival Intercity in Florence, Italy where he directed Brendan Gall’s Alias Godot in Italian. As a dramaturge, David has worked with a number of writers including Florence Gibson MacDonald, Brendan Gall, Fides Krucker, Kelly McIntosh, Paul Ledoux, David Smyth, John Roby, James Reaney, Robert Priest, Drew Hayden Taylor, and Tom Walmsley. David has worked as an actor at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival Festival and in most theatres across the country as well as on and off Broadway in New York. David works as frequently in film, television, and radio as he does on stage, and has been nominated for or won acting awards such as the Dora Mavor Moore, Genie, Gemini, and Nellie. He has taught acting at theatre schools across Canada, and has recorded an internationally recognized CD collection of Canadian dialects for the actor (Canadian, Eh?). David has served on the executives of CAEA, ACTRA, and is currently a Governor of Actra Fraternal Benefit Society. David was a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada (1973) and has his Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Directing from the University of Victoria (2003), where he focused on the work of James Reaney. In 2011, David was the recipient of the Barbara Hamilton Memorial Award.


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October 01, 2006



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