Hamilton Illustrated

By (author): David Collier

Winner of the 2013 Pigskin Peters Award (Doug Wright Awards)

David Collier has long been a fixture in Hamilton, whether wandering through the streets, paddling though Hamilton harbour or biking through the city only to stop suddenly to pull out a sharp pencil and a well-worn sketchbook. His artist’s eye is drawn to the beauty of the city and to the warmth of the people who live here. In Hamilton Illustrated Collier shows the Hamilton he knows and loves. The reader can’t help but love it too.


David Collier

Since publishing his first essay in R. Crumb’s Weirdo magazine, David Collier has been known for his thoughtful comic essays, often biographies of endearing eccentrics like himself. With his strong feeling for rustic scenery, Collier has carved a niche drawing homely images of grain elevators and abandoned cabins for publications like The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Saturday Night and Geist.


“Collier’s inter-subjective focus informs the entire book through his use of comics to embed himself in scenes as he documents them, while also commenting on historical and social elements of his community. Collier elegantly employs the form and practice of comics as an entry point into the dynamics of life in Hamilton in order to reflect on those dynamics directly.” – Canadian Literature


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88 Pages
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November 01, 2012



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