Enough To Be Mortal Now

By (author): Rienzi Crusz

In his most recent volume of poetry, Rienzi Crusz’s preoccupations have not substantially changed, but his perspectives have shifted. Still deeply conscious of time and place, here he concerns himself with broader existential concerns, with love and hope, and tragedy, death, and despair. Nature continues to inspire in its concreteness and its tranquility. As he meditates on the edge of silence, he walks feistily as always through the scowl of age and lovingly through the many idioms of the sun, revelling in the poetic spaces he has defined with his “singing metaphors” and the dance of words.


Rienzi Crusz

Rienzi Crusz was born in Sri Lanka and came to Canada in 1965. Educated at the Universities of Ceylon, London (England), Toronto, and Waterloo. He has widely published in magazines in Canada and the United States, and is the author of ten previous collections of poetry.


“Arguably the best living Sri Lankan poet in English.” —World Literature Today

“At 84, the Waterloo poet knows a thing or two about mortality. His thoughts, musings and speculations, not to mention certainties and anxieties, are given eloquent expression in this deep, rich, moving meditative collection of poems that celebrate life as it reflects on death.” –Robert Reid, The Record


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October 15, 2009



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