Death Spiral

By (author): James W. Nichol

Nominated for the Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award and shortlisted for the 2011 Evergreen Award. This complex, multi-layered thriller opens with a hero’s welcome for the wounded Wilf McLauchlin, a celebrated WWII Canadian Spitfire fighter pilot. Almost immediately after his homecoming, a series of bizarre murders erupt in his hometown. Wilf finds himself trying to solve them and wondering if he is somehow causing them. Wilf follows his own trail back to when he was shot down over Germany in the last days of the war and makes the shattering connection.


James W. Nichol

James W. Nichol is the author of Midnight Cab, which was short-listed for the UK’s prestigious Gold Dagger Award and which won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. He lives in Stratford, Ontario.


“Nichol displays a provocative talent for writing that gets under your skin … Death Spiral deepens this rich capacity with stylish and edgy writing to give us a confrontational piece of addictive fiction.”
“Leave it to Nichol to find the right ending for this unforgettable story.”
“Excellent…perfect for the Second World War buff, as well as fans of good Canadian crime fiction.”
“Nichol has served up a fast-paced yet nuanced story that explores the cost of war on those who fight it, and demonstrates that the postwar home front was not with- out its own terrors.”


  • OLA Evergreen Award 2011, Short-listed
  • Arthur Ellis Best Novel Award 2010, Nominated
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    304 Pages
    7.05in * 4.40in * 1.26in


    August 01, 2013


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