Cutting Room

By (author): Sarah Pinder

Cutting Room both describes and pushes against the anxious hum of the technologically saturated present. Sarah Pinder’s poems navigate domestic and ‘natural’ spaces as landscapes charged with possible violence and desire. Using hyper-focus and the long gaze, they draw the eye to the corners and seams of these spaces, slowing us down, shifting our focus to worn detail, asking us to seek pattern and possibility in a hyper-paced present tense. Theseare little ominous films, documenting the minutiae around us that can be our undoing.


Sarah Pinder

Sarah Pinder is the author of the poetry collection Cutting Room. Her writing has been included in Geist, Arc, and Poetry is Dead, and others. She lives in Toronto.


‘I can’t tell whether these poems are glass or shatterproof glass. They’re delicate, clear, tough, opaque, breakable. Sarah Pinder makes everything new.’

— Roo Borson, author of Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida

‘Her poems are odd, quirky, and utterly charming, and include shades of Richard Brautigan surrealism, Nelson Ball’s brevity and Stuart Ross’ absurdity, albeit with her unapologetic eye.’

Prairie Fire

‘Pinder’s work has teeth, and aficionados of modern poetry will easily be seduced by her words.’

Shameless Magazine


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October 15, 2012


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