Coming Down the Mountain

Edited by: Brian Kennedy

A comprehensive look at the 1972 Canada-USSR Hockey series and the way that Canadian mythology has been built around it, including essays on topics such as the impact of the summit series on the development of women’s hockey, an analysis of media perspectives from the series and how the summit series helped to form Canada’s identity abroad. This collection will be written in accessible prose, allowing it to read and enjoyed by a devotee of the game who is not an academic.


Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy’s prior books include Growing Up Hockey (Folklore, 2007) and Living the Hockey Dream (Folklore, 2009), and he has contributed to the hockey anthology, Now is the Winter: Thinking about hockey (Wolsak and Wynn 2009). He has also appeared in the documentary film, Hockey: More Than a Game, which was screened on PBS stations in the United States during 2012. Brian Kennedy is also Associate Professor of English at Pasadena City College.


“From cultural pluralism to national identity to concepts of unity, Kennedy masterfully organizes his book into four easily digestible sections. By utilizing a wide array of narratives, Coming Down The Mountain succeeds chiefly by protesting the simplicity of the good vs. evil approach as well as the antiquated view of the Summit Series as little more than a reassertion of Canada?s dominance of the hockey world.” – The Hockey Writers


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June 21, 2014



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