Baron Bold and the Beauteous Maid

By (author): Brian Kennedy

Discovering the richness of Canadian theatre over the past two centuries or so should be the product of cultural histories. In Canada, such detailed studies are still scattered in a bewildering array of scholarly articles and original texts. Why should students of Canadian theatre have to search through rare book rooms to find, read, and act their own drama? This anthology offers a modest answer. It is a collection of 25 representative playwrights and their work, divided over six historical periods from 1606 to 2001. A brief, cultural overview of the era, notes on each playwright, and suggestions for staging are followed by four or five scenes from each period.


Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy’s prior books include Growing Up Hockey (Folklore, 2007) and Living the Hockey Dream (Folklore, 2009), and he has contributed to the hockey anthology, Now is the Winter: Thinking about hockey (Wolsak and Wynn 2009). He has also appeared in the documentary film, Hockey: More Than a Game, which was screened on PBS stations in the United States during 2012. Brian Kennedy is also Associate Professor of English at Pasadena City College.


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August 01, 2005



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