Between the Sheets

By (author): Jordi Mand

Marion, a working mother with a special-needs child, has discovered a devastating secret: her husband Curtis has been engaging in a torrid love affair with none other than their son’s young teacher, Teresa. Armed with love notes between Curtis and Teresa, Marion shows up to a parent-teacher interview to confront the woman who may be the thread that unravels her life. What ensues is a gripping and raw confrontation between two women, one fighting to protect her family, the other fighting for the family she always wanted.


Jordi Mand

Jordi Mand is a Toronto-based playwright who has worked with some of Canada’s most prominent theatre companies. Her plays include Between the Sheets (Nightwood Theatre), Caught (Theatre Passe Muraille), This Will Be Excellent (Carousel Players), and Brontë: The World Without (Stratford Festival). Her work has been produced nationally, internationally, and published by Playwrights Canada Press. Jordi was a resident in the 2017 Bell Media Prime TV Program at the Canadian Film Centre and has been a playwright-in-residence with Theatre Passe Muraille, Carousel Players, and Nightswimming Theatre. Jordi is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.


“…maybe the year’s best new script” —Robert Cushman, National Post
“…a stunning new play from a gifted playwright.” —Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter


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96 Pages
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February 01, 2014



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