By (author): Jaymie Heilman

Three teens set out to stop a pipeline, but their secrets, anxieties, and one very obnoxious ex-boyfriend might just explode their friendship first.

Reeling from an online Hatestorm after she blamed Alberta’s oil industry for a devastating forest re, Davis wades back into climate activism to impress her two new friends and win back her ex-boyfriend. The novel is told from the points of view of the three main characters: Davis’ parents work for the oil company she is fighting against; Renzi knows what it’s like when climate change strikes back when her grandparents’ home in Puerto Rico is destroyed by hurricanes and Jae hasn’t found the right moment to share the truth about her growing feelings for another girl.

Tripped up by family pressures and their own secrets and lies, the teens’ anti-pipeline efforts may jeopardize their friendship and lose the people they love most unless they find their own ways to fight for what they believe in.


Selected by CBC as a YA book to read this fall!

Badass(ish) is as brave as it is thought-provoking and heart achingly real.” –Carrie Firestone, author of Dress Coded and The First Rule of Climate Club

“Chock-full of humour and compassion, this is a novel about becoming oneself through confronting one’s deepest fears and griefs, supported by the families we make for ourselves. Risking parental disapproval and social backlash, the central characters find the courage to stand up to the forces driving global warming.” – Laurie Adkin, Editor, First World Petro-Politics: The Political Ecology and Governance of Alberta

“By portraying the (often uncomfortable) complexity of fossil fuels in Alberta, and tempering the vitriol with teenage humour, this book offers young adult readers a model for both accepting and liking their perfectly imperfect selves.” – Kristine Kowalchuk, Environmental writer and founder of Edmonton River Valley Conservation Coalition


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266 Pages
8.05in * 5.16in * .63in


September 25, 2023


Ronsdale Press



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