By (author): Judith McCormack

Nominated for the 2016 First Novel Award

Eduardo, an architect from Lisbon, has come to Montreal to be with his wife Geneviève. Geneviève researches fungi and likes to catalogue her orgasms. But when Eduardo is caught in an explosion and rumors of arson begin to circulate, both his marriage and his fledgling architecture firm verge on collapse. Gorgeous, colourful, and richly described, Backspring is a sensual taxonomy of desire.


Judith McCormack

Judith McCormack was born outside Chicago, and grew up in Toronto, with brief stops in Montreal and Vancouver. She has several law degrees, which have mostly served to convince her that law is a branch of fiction. Her first short story was nominated for the Journey Prize, and the next three were selected for the Coming Attractions Anthology. Her recent collection of stories, The Rule of Last Clear Chance, was nominated for the Commonwealth Writers Prize and the Rogers Writers? Trust Fiction Award, and was named one of the best books of 2003 by The Globe and Mail. Her work has been published in the Harvard Review, Descant and The Fiddlehead, and one of her stories has been optioned for film by her twin sister, Naomi McCormack, an award-winning filmmaker. Judith lives in Toronto with her partner, Peter Dorfman, and their two children.


Praise for Judith McCormack and Backspring

“A well-written and smart novel that unfolds many moments of profound and subtle beauty. McCormack’s treatment of details and prose are refreshing, confident, and attentive.”The Winnipeg Review

“A joy to read.”—Nino Ricci

“A wonderfully and uniquely gifted storyteller.”Midwest Book Review

“The stories are rich with bang-on physical description, unforced natural dialogue and the telling particulars of daily life … a collection of substance.”Quill & Quire

“McCormack emerges as a skilled storyteller unlike any I’ve encountered.”The Globe & Mail


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May 15, 2015





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