A Nervous City

By (author): Chris Pannell

Winner of the Kerry Schooley Award ? Hamilton Literary Awards

Whether it is the roads that weave through his native Hamilton, or the crowded streets of Cairo where tourists, it seems, are forbidden to walk, Pannell captures the hum and energy that animates these urban spaces in his latest collection. With an eye for the unexpected and genuine understanding of the common man, Pannell crosses and recrosses the city with his deft lines. In the end, The Nervous City walks the reader down streets they thought they knew but now see in a completely different light.

Chris Pannell

Chris Pannell

Chris Pannell serves on the board of Hamilton’s annual gritLIT Literary Festival. He has published three poetry books: Under Old Stars, Sorry I Spent Your Poem and Drive. He is also the author of a set of three poetry broadsheets entitled, Fractures, Subluxations and Disclocations, which won the Hamilton & Region Arts Council poetry book award in 1997. From 1993 until 2005 he ran the New Writing Workshop at Hamilton Artists Inc. and edited two book-lengh anthologies for the group. He has been published in literary magazines across Canada and internationally as well.


“It may be gritty, and at times dark, but it?s Pannell?s ability to infuse moments of light that makes the collection shine.” – Hamilton Magazine


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April 08, 2013



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