A History of Breathing

By (author): Daniel Macdonald

Two boats float aimlessly on an ocean that conceals the remains of civilization and history. One boat carries a father and daughter, the last survivors of an unspeakable catastrophe; the other carries the only hope for a new beginning. Daniel Macdonald crafts a stunning tale of myth and reality at the end of the world and at its creation.


Daniel Macdonald

Daniel Macdonald is a playwright, director, and educator. His plays have been produced and workshopped in Canada and the United States. Pageant premiered at the Alberta Theatre Projects playRites Festival and has been produced in Regina, Fort MacMurray, and Austin, Texas. MacGregor’s Hard Ice Cream and Gas premiered at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon and has been produced at Prairie Theatre Exchange (Winnipeg), Ship’s Company (Nova Scotia), and Shadow Theatre (Edmonton). His play Velocity was part of the Lark Play Development Center’s Playwrights Week 2007 in New York and was part of the Saskatchewan Spring Festival of New Plays. He has written several pieces with and for high school students including the dramas Waking and Tragedie. He also wrote several short pieces for the Globe Theatre’s On the Line series (12 Menus, Negotiations). Macdonald is a recipient of the Regina Writer’s Award and is a two time recipient of the


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128 Pages
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September 19, 2013



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