a beautiful rebellion

By (author): Rita Bouvier

These poems speak with a fierce tenderness of many aspects of the poet?s life: a childhood spent on the banks of the Churchill River, the death of a beloved one, the struggle to try to find forgiveness for wrongs done to her people and the weariness of trying to redress those wrongs. a beautiful rebellion reaches one hand back to Louis Riel and one hand ahead to future Métis generations.

There is a quiet power?riverine, deep, unstoppable?that flows through these words


Rita Bouvier

Rita Bouvier is a Métis writer and educator from Saskatchewan. Her third book of poetry, nakamowin?sa for the seasons (Thistledown Press, 2015) was the 2016 Saskatchewan Book Awards winner of the Rasmussen, Rasmussen & Charowsky Aboriginal Peoples? Writing Award. Rita?s poetry has appeared in literary anthologies, journals ? print and online ? musicals, and television productions, and has been translated into Spanish, German and the Cree-Michif of her home community of sakitawak, Île-à-la-Crosse, situated on the historic trading and meeting grounds of Cree and Dene people.


?? joyful, exclamatory, uncynical poems that don?t shy from the imperative to really look, to commune, to tend toward love. The poems are a generous, multilingual response to art, family, community, Land and politics that rely on crystal clear images to advance the notion that ?as long as we have more to enjoy / than another we have responsibility / to lift each other.?

Saskatchewan Writer?s Guild?s John V. Hicks Prize Jury


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April 10, 2023


Thistledown Press





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