By Jean-Christophe Réhel
Translated by Katherine Hastings & Peter McCambridge

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Canada Reads 2021 Longlist

"There are so many fun things about this book. [?] You?d think this book would be a downer, but there is so much light. " Naomi Mackinnon

"Réhel gives the reader a front-row seat to a baroque and often hilarious interiority ? one that highlights the complexity and tragedy of the human condition, while playfully revealing the capacity of the human mind for turning the struggles of existence, large and small, into a source of amusement. (. ..) In addition to the often-dark humour, Réhel has a poet?s eye for rhythm, repetition, and stark imagery that thankfully isn?t lost in the exceptional translation by Katherine Hastings and Peter McCambridge. " Dean Garlick, Montreal Review of Books

"Jean-Christophe Réhel's Tatouine is every bit as remarkable as QC Fiction's earlier offerings . .. wit and resignation dance cheek-to-cheek. "

"There is a unique and sometimes funny take on an element of the human condition in Jean-Christophe Réhel?s novel Tatouine. It is a light read but one that is memorable. And it is certainly one of my favourites of this year. " (Steven Buechler, The Library of Pacific Tranquility)

?the melancholy, mirthful story of a likeable 31-year-old with a poor self-image [?] a very worthwhile read? (James Fisher, The Miramichi Reader)

Just incredible. EVERY line in this first novel deserves to be underlined. It?s a book to scribble hearts and stars all over? One thousand stars for this author. ? (Claudia Larochelle)

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