Soft where

By Marcus McCann

Soft where
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Soft Where is Marcus McCann's debut full-length poetry collection.


Soft Where is Marcus McCann's debut full-length poetry collection.

Marcus McCann

Marcus McCann is the author of Soft Where and eight chapbooks, most recently The Glass Jaw and Town in a Long Day of Leaving. His work has been shortlisted for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award and the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. In 2009, McCann was the winner of the John Newlove Award. He lives in Toronto.


Soft Where  by Marcus McCann is a hard-hitting cutting edge poetic expose of a world filled with experimentation and valour. This stunning book explores the possibilities of bringing image to life, written in the language of the people and soaked in a heart of sapphire. The jury was intoxicated by this book, and feels this young writer should be encouraged in every and all ways—to the full extent of poetic promise. The language in  Soft Where  is as stark and meaningful as the images which express a lifestyle hard-lived and yet as delicate as an origami bird. ”—Gerald Lampert Award jury citation

“If Marcus McCann is getting just half the amount of action he writes about, he’s got to be the Ottawa’s greatest swordsman a job usually reserved for a Senator or some other exalted type.

Then again, his poetry is so sexed, so charged with the innate kink(s) of language play always a bed roll, always another way to make love that he could just as easily be celibate and still make the earth shake.

This is not poetry forcowards, for people who enjoy their artful dalliances only from the big, comfy chair of un-reality. Underneath all Mr. McCann’s manic word-smithing beats a strong heart and a vigorous appetite. God help the poor young man, but he is well on his way to becoming the queer Irving Layton.

Oh well, nothing exudes like excess. ”

—RM Vaughan

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