Emergency Hallelujah

By Jason Heroux

Emergency Hallelujah
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Jason Heroux

Jason Heroux lives in Kingston, Ontario, with his wife. He is the author of two previous poetry collections, Memoirs of an Alias and Emergency Hallelujah, both published by Mansfield Press, and a novella titled Good Evening, Central Laundromat (Quattro Books). His work has been published widely in journals, both in English and in translation, and in chapbooks in Canada and the U.S.


Walking out your door each morning to a world not quite as you expect it, and then walking back inside each evening to a world not quite as you expect it Ñ that's the effect of reading Emergency Hallelujah, as though everything has shifted an inch to the left. There's nothing expected about Jason Heroux's world: it's fresh, complex, uncanny, playful, threatening, and real. His wide-awake mini-fables will enter your dreams. Ó (Roo Borson)

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