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  • Amik



    The beaver is busy…
    This delightful children’s picture book tells the story of amik, the beaver, who works on his dam throughout the day while nature and the activities of other animals carry on around him. At the end of a long day, amik returns to his den to be with his family.
    Along with its beautiful cut-paper illustrations, Amik offers the chance for children to learn words and phrases in the Ojibwe language, as the text appears in both English and Anishinaabemowin. A fun, colourful and engaging book for children ages three through six.

  • Barefoot Helen and the Giants

    Barefoot Helen and the Giants


    Key Selling Points

    • A riotously funny folktale adaptation with two strong and resourceful heroines, evil giants, a magic cat and more.
    • This book is a celebration of storytelling, acceptance and blended families.
    • Contains great positive female characters and an unremarked-upon same-sex conclusion; Jones quietly queers the folktale tradition.
    • The author has previously written six folktale adaptions, many of which have won or been shortlisted for significant awards; most recently Peg Bearskin was named a co-recipient of the Aesop Award (American Folklore Society?Children?s Division).
    • The author received the Order of Canada for his contributions to Canadian culture.
  • Daphne’s Bees

    Daphne’s Bees


    Key Selling Points

    • A young girl and her grandmother work together to set up her first beehive.
    • Simple, straightforward information about beekeeping and the importance of bees to the environment.
    • A gentle story that celebrates intergenerational sharing of knowledge.
    • The author is an experienced beekeeper and former teacher with a passion for sharing knowledge.
    • The illustrator’s most recent book included on the Globe and Mail‘s top 100 books of 2020.
    • The author is a member of a large international community of women beekeepers.
    • Includes “bee facts” and a few bee jokes/puns as well.
  • Dear Black Girls

    Dear Black Girls


    Dear Black girls all around the world, this one is for you — for us.

    Dear Black Girls is a letter to all Black girls. Every single day poet and educator Shanice Nicole is reminded of how special Black girls are and of how lucky she is to be one. Illustrations by Kezna Dalz support the book’s message that no two Black girls are the same but they are all special–that to be a Black girl is a true gift. In this celebratory poem, Kezna and Shanice remind young readers that despite differences, they all deserve to be loved just the way they are.

  • Dream Helmet

    Dream Helmet


    Join the children in this delightful picture book, children who dream of skateboarding through the galaxy, of meeting a guitar-playing hippopotamus, of feeding a baby brother who eats EXPLOSIVELY! Find the knock-kneed knight! Travel to Saskatchewan “without your socks and sandals on” – and by the end of the book you’ll be walking with an elephant and dancing with an elephant seal, able to speak “Tuque Talk” and sing a “Great Lake Rag”!

  • Fantastic Frights

    Fantastic Frights


    Evil dust bunnies, botanical horrors, werewolf landlords, and more! We’ve gathered all of our most thrilling tales together in this terrible tome of terrors, known only as… FANTASTIC FRIGHTS. Drawing inspiration from shows like, Tales from the Crypt and Freaky Stories, Fantastic Frights is a dreadfully delightful return to the pulp horror anthologies of the past, featuring stories from over 20 creators that are sure to entertain both new readers and seasoned horror veterans alike!

  • I am Everything In Between

    I am Everything In Between


    Sometimes it’s not as simple as being a boy or a girl. I Am Everything In Between highlights kids who may not fit into stereotypical gender ideals, and celebrates how they do identify by sending positive messages about gender identity. This book teaches children that regardless of biological gender, it’s OK to feel like a boy, or a girl, or even both! The illustrations include bright and bold examples of boys that like to play dress up and wear makeup, girls that like to play sports and get dirty, and kids that want to grow up to be astronauts! I Am Everything In Between uses diverse, relatable examples to help kids understand that sometimes it’s not as simple as being a boy or a girl. Teacher resources available on publisher website: rebelmountainpress.com/i-am-everything-in-between-teacher-resources

  • Jellybean Mouse

    Jellybean Mouse


    Jellybean Mouse is the second tale in the exciting new picture book series, “Happy the Pocket Mouse.” When a “boring” trip to the laundromat to wash their clothes frustrates Happy’s insatiable appetite for adventure (and neither the skating rink nor the bowling alley can entice John away from their mundane task), Happy arrives at the laundromat in a funk, only to come face-to-face with his first jellybean machine. Thrilled with the discovery, Happy is confounded for a second time when John explains that he has only enough quarters for the wash. Refusing to give up, Happy makes a careful reconnaissance beneath the washing machines until he finds a quarter of his own. But the stingy machine conspires against the treasure seeking mouse, steals his quarter, and refuses to release its jellybeans. Unwilling to accept defeat, Happy convinces John to tilt the machine until its sweet treasure spills out in abundance. No adventure is too small for a mouse with a prodigious appetite.

  • Lana Llama

    Lana Llama


    Key Selling Points

    • A simple and playful picture book about accepting yourself and recognizing your strengths.
    • Fun story about a llama who learns to care for her flock of sheep by standing out not fitting in.
    • Brightly colored and simple illustrations will appeal to young listeners and readers.
    • Author?s previous books have been shortlisted for provincial awards and included in CCBC?s Best Books for Kids & Teens; one was included in the OLA?s Top Ten Best Bets list.
    • Author has written and illustrated eight highly regarded picture books, including The Puffin Problem; Paint the Town Pink; Catalina; Mr. Beagle Goes to Rabbittown; and Mr. Beagle and the Georgestown Mystery.
  • Llamas in the Laundry

    Llamas in the Laundry


    Have you ever wondered if porcupines are ticklish, if fish wash, or how to say Rhinosterous? Do you know how to make a child-high sandwich? How porridge gets on the ceiling? What happens when your favourite aunt wears a wig? Why uncles wear plaid? William New’s rhyming verse enacts all these situations, ranging from the madcap to the mysterious.

    The poems are complemented by Vivian Bevis’s full page, full colour illustrations which capture the high-spirited and impetuous qualities of the verse. A companion volume to their highly successful Vanilla Gorilla of 1998, this sturdy, hardcover picture book will delight both the early reader and the many adults who enjoy introducing children to the sound and rhythm of verse.

  • Lola Flies Alone

    Lola Flies Alone


    Key Selling Point

    • A charming and funny story about a young girl with a terrific imagination and a fabulous fashion sense travelling alone for the first time.
    • The author/illustrator’s previous collaboration (HARE B&B) is included in the GLOBE & MAIL’s 100 Favourite Books of 2021.
    • Author has won awards for his writing for both children and adults.
    • Author had a long and successful career as a broadcaster and presented on Canadian national radio.
    • In his “other” life, the illustrator is a renowned designer/architect whose work has been widely celebrated.
  • Long, Long Ago

    Long, Long Ago


    In this delightful collection of animal fables, Robin Skelton transports young readers back to long long ago – an ancient and fabulous time. These humorous stories offer solutions to such difficult questions as \”Why does the ostrich bury its head in the ground?\” and \”Why does the rabbit have no voice?\” These are stories that will take children into a wonderful world of fantasy and yet – as always with Skelton – the tales have unexpected endings. Pamela Breeze Currie\’s engaging pen-and-ink drawings capture the spirit of Skelton\’s witty fables.

  • Loudest Bark, The

    Loudest Bark, The


    Samuel knows that their real name is Simone, but things at their house are too quiet to think about how to tell their parents. When Chloe the costume designer moves in across the street with a dog about to have puppies, life becomes bigger, more colourful, and louder. And so does Simone.Teacher resources available on publisher website: rebelmountainpress.com/the-loudest-bark-quel-jappements-teacher-resources

  • Mouse Pet

    Mouse Pet


    Mouse Pet is the third tale in the exciting new picture book series “Happy the Pocket Mouse.” When Happy declares he wants a pet-to pat and feed and take for walks-his friend John says that it’s too much responsibility, that a pet needs lots of care and special attention. Not a mouse to give up easily, Happy insists that his pet will be no more trouble than Mrs. Farrell’s canary. But when Happy’s choice of pet turns out to have long furry legs, hooves and horns, John explains that you can’t keep that kind of animal in the city. Happy insists that they can if they just hide it under a blanket. Offering a compromise, John suggests a “teddy-pet,” to which, after some reflection, Happy agrees. After bringing his new pet home and settling in happily for the night, Happy suddenly declares that his pet requires a pet of her own. What sort of pet? John asks. Is this the beginning of an unending story?

  • Mouse Tales

    Mouse Tales


    Mouse Tales, the first volume in the “Happy the Pocket Mouse” series, has been read to tens of thousands of students in Atlantic Canada and Ontario over the past five years, and has gathered a substantial following anxious to have the illustrated book in hand. Here, now, thanks to the artistic vision of Andrea Torrey Balsara, fans everywhere will delight in witnessing Happy and John in action. Readers of all ages will identify with Happy’s bedtime struggle after a long day, his requestfor a story to help him fall asleep, and his nighttime anxieties when he must come to grips with the wicked witch of Grimms’ Hansel and Gretel, the big bad wolf, and his own imagination of the “Three Bears.” In a composite reading of the traditional tales, and with a few modern twists thrown in, Mouse Tales delivers a reading experience that suggests you cannot tell the goodness of a person simply by looking at them. Readers will be won over by the insatiably curious and determined little mouse,and his kind and endlessly patient friend, John. Mouse Tales proves that best friends come in all sizes, and guarantees a giggle.

  • One Wonderful Fine Day for a Sculpin Named Sam

    One Wonderful Fine Day for a Sculpin Named Sam


    Sam, the colourful sculpin, is different. And on one warm summer day, he swims through an underwater community teeming with lively fish of all shapes and sizes. But Sam doesn’t look like anyone else. He feels lonely. Until he finds Sara, his perfect match, in a world where everyone is different in their own way. Al Pittman’s classic story, vibrantly illustrated by Shawn O’Hagan, is a perennial favourite. Breakwater Books is proud to make One Wonderful Fine Day for a Sculpin Named Sam available in a new edition for a whole new generation of readers.