Bingemas: For the Dystopian Devotee

Bingemas day four has picks for the dystopian devotee who would walk bravely into the ashes of this world and any other, or be the first to make contact with new lifeforms ruled by technology—whether friend or foe.


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Give them the gift of total societal destruction this season with dystopian titles from Canadian indies—The Cyborg Anthology by Lindsay B-E (Brick Books) and The Dying Detective by Gerald Lynch (Signature Editions)—and get 20% off until Dec 4th with promo code BINGEMAS20 (enter at checkout).

Raised by Wolves = = = The Cyborg Anthology by Lindsay B-E (Brick Books)

Ridley Scott, who delivered the newest additions to the much beloved Alien franchise with all its gore and otherworldly glory, is back as exec on HBO’s new show Raised by Wolves. The series takes place on a foreign planet where androids known as Mother and Father are left to raise human children and build a new civilization after a great war has destroyed Earth. If your giftee gets fired up for the dystopian world of Raised by Wolves, they’ll sci-find this and more in Lindsay B.E.’s new collection of poetry The Cyborg Anthology, which is also set following a cataclysmic event and features maternal machines. Covering early Cyborg poetry, political, celebrity, and pop culture poets, this collection sees through the eyes of Cyborg poets as they recount the personhood of their past and seek liberation for their future.

Black Mirror = = = The Dying Detective by Gerald Lynch (Signature Editions)

It takes a brave soul to binge the scarily prescient series Black Mirror, with its vignette-like episodes that boldly confront the technologies of the modern world and our volatile relationships with them. Set in the near future, the show deals heavily with the evils of technology and how corporations are taking over the world. For the giftee who manages to sleep soundly after watching this before bed, we’re recommending The Dying Detective, a dark story that, like Black Mirror, shows how modern technology—as an integral part of our lives—can be used against us. It features the media company Macro Media (which owns the public’s attention), and the international police force the Global Patrol, who drags detective Kevin Beldon out of retirement to put an end to the work of a relentless serial killer who is terrorizing America. An intense page-turner that’ll keep the roving eye of technology closed during those long, dark and snowy December nights!

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