Bingemas: For the Amateur Sleuth

If OG crime show Unsolved Mysteries reigns supreme on your giftee’s Netflix Watch Again list, today’s BINGEMAS picks are the bookish follow-ups they need.


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Gift those true crime buffs on your list our choice selections—The Seventh Shot (Latitude 46 Publishing) and The Trials of Albert Stroebel (Caitlin Press)—and get 20% off until Dec 4th with promo code BINGEMAS20 (enter at checkout).

Unsolved Mysteries  = = = The Seventh Shot by Ann Burke (Latitude 46 Publishing)

The Unsolved Mysteries reboot stirred up memories of the show’s creepiest episodes from its first iteration (see: spontaneous human combustion) and once again delivered as a profoundly bingeable true crime show. Likewise, Ann Burke’s The Seventh Shot (Latitude 46 Publishing) provides what those true crime devotees want: a compelling cold-case story that’ll have them guessing at every turn. Drawing from archival copies, hours of interviews, and first-hand accounts, Burke dusts off one of Canada’s oldest cold cases—The 22 Calibre Killer—giving readers a glimpse into the life and crimes of Ronald Glen West who was convicted of murdering two women while serving as a Toronto police officer. 

The Staircase  = = = = The Trials of Albert Stroebel by Chad Reimer (Caitlin Press)

After his wife Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their home in 2001, novelist Michael Peterson was charged with first-degree murder. Netflix’s docu-series The Staircase follows the details of Peterson’s bizarre trial and the twisty case of his nearly two-decade long battle with the justice system. If you know your giftee almost definitely made their own investigation flow chart of the case, gift them Chad Reimer’s The Trials of Albert Stroebel (Caitlin Press), the true crime story about the death of John Marshall, a Portuguese immigrant in 1893, and the man charged for his murder—Albert Stroebel. Like The Staircase, this is a story full of dramatic twists and turns and questions about early crime scene investigation techniques that’ll have your giftee’s crime sleuth sensibilities out in full force.

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