All Lit Up Press Picks for the Holidays: Breakwater Books

Newfoundland-based Breakwater Books is first up on Press Picks with three book recommendations for mystery fans, art aficionados, and historical fiction buffs (or for anyone who loves a good plot-driven novel).


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Five for Forteau by Kevin Major

Another day, another town, another body. The books in Kevin Major’s mystery series star Sebastian Synard—a tour guide turned sleuth who travels the beautiful towns of The Rock finding himself embroiled in murder cases. Synard is acerbic and funny and loves three things: his partner in love and mystery Mae, the people and places of Newfoundland and Labrador, and good whiskey. Following the rollicking adventures in the first four books (One for the Rock, Two for the Tablelands, Three for Trinity, and Four for Fogo IslandFive for Forteau takes Synard off the beaten tracks of the island to the mainland coast of Labrador and one of Canada’s tallest lighthouses, at Forteau. Arriving with his tour group, tragedy strikes again as a body is found at the foot of the massive building. One of his tour group members, a woman alive only hours before, has lost her life. Did she slip from the rail high above or was she pushed? The RCMP already want to blame someone else in Synard’s tour group, but Sebastian has a different suspicion. Follow Synard’s latest adventure as he trots across the province, searching for clues and uncovering more and more disturbing information. Perfect for any mystery lover, but tinged with that special Newfoundland humour and wit.

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Impressions of Newfoundland: The Art of Ting Ting Chen

by Ting Ting Chen

This year we have something special and different for the visual art lover in your life! You’ve seen the tourism ads for Newfoundland and Labrador’s natural beauty and lovely people, but you’ve never seen Newfoundland and Labrador like this. Whether it’s the landscape or her muse/model Robert, the photographs in Impressions of Newfoundland are like nothing you’ve ever seen. You really have to have this book of fine art photographs in your hands to appreciate its originality and depth. When new Canadian Ting Ting Chen first came to Newfoundland 6 years ago she immediately fell in love with the province and its people. After moving to The Rock, the landscapes and people inspired Chen to take up photography and in short order she became a world-renowned fine art photographer, with her images being featured in galleries, magazines, and websites around the world and garnering dozens of top prizes. It’s amazing what fresh eyes can see, especially when those eyes are connected to the mind of a master artist.

Find Impressions of Newfoundland here on All Lit Up or use the Shop Local button to purchase from your local indie bookstore.

A Company of Rogues by Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

The exciting final novel in Morgan-Cole’s Cupids Trilogy, A Company of Rogues completes the tale of the founding of North America’s oldest colony, but with special concentration on the untold and ignored stories of the women of the time. Historical fiction is hot, but the rigorously researched and tightly plotted tales of Trudy J Morgan-Cole’s three-book series (beginning with A Roll of the Bones and continuing with Such Miracles and Mischief) takes it to a new level, doing more than just telling of days gone by. These books light the darkness of women’s history, illuminating the work done by women in founding the settlements and new societies that live here today. Follow the trials of early settlers as they not only struggle to make a life in a new land, but also find their beliefs about who they are, and who the people who were already here are, challenged to the core. Riveting stuff. History buffs will love this series, but so will anyone who enjoys a solid adventure.

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