#WeekendReads: Revenge plots, love knots and marriage misery

This weekend, we explore the New York art scene, get tangled up in a series of love knots, and rage over home renovations. Pack that summer book bag and get lost…in one of our recommended reads below.


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My Camino (Biblioasis) by Patrick Warner  Having written several collections of poetry, Patrick Warner translates his skill with language into fiction with My Camino, painting its setting into the world of contemporary art. When Floss, a transgender gallery owner has a shocking run-in with the king-pin of the New York art scene, she and her friends end up on an unexpected anti-pilgrimage, chasing a dream of revenge.
26 Knots (Invisible Publishing) by Bindu SureshDescribed as a “lightspeed Romeo and Juliet26 Knots packs a propulsive punch of relationship drama. If you enjoy a good tale of love, obsession, and heartbreak, you’ll enjoy unraveling the multitude of love knots that complicate the lives of Adrien, Araceli, Pénélope and Gabriel in this debut novel from author Bindu Suresh.
Marriage: A Demolition in 2 Acts (Playwrights Canada Press) by Rick ChafeIf 26 Knots sounds good, you might also enjoy Marriage: A Demolition in 2 Acts. Any couple that has attempted to put a piece of Ikea furniture together will have some idea of how difficult a full-on renovation can be. When Wayne hires a young couple to do renovations for him and his wife Julie, things get a bit…complicated. From kitchen cabinets to quarrels, this funny and oh-so-relatable play makes a great addition to any summer bag of beach reads.