Two Poems: Tomorrow is a Holiday

Head out into scenic wilds both rural and urban with these two poems by Hamish Ballantyne, from his latest collection Tomorrow is a Holiday (New Star Books).

The cover of Tomorrow is a Holiday by Hamish Ballantyne. The text sits centred against a dim image of a winding highway at dusk, leading towards a mountain range in the distance.


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Two Poems from Tomorrow is a Holiday


how well I know now and
then drowsed by the fountain
tho it was night I acceded
to no moon demands tho it was night
and a tourist was grabbing my prone
form on film to no demands of my conduct tuna
cannery cedar shakes and frets
gun-scab steals from the mimicking shadow
with that panseared foreknowledge
of where not to be


I know the wide currents
kneeling on the gunwhale
kneeling astride jetski
brown in the
lake hells and heavenly lakes
and to the dancing tourists
and to the mountain
and to the shuttered public pool
and to the night

* * *

A photo of writer Hamish Ballantyne. He is a light skin-toned person in a baseball cap, sweatshirt, and track pants, sitting in a camping chair on a beach. There is a table with snack foods piled onto it. In the background, a turquoise river drifts by, with a fallen tree on its far bank.

Hamish Ballantyne is a poet and translator based on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples (Vancouver, Canada). He works in the Downtown Eastside and as a commercial mushroom picker. Ballantyne has published two chapbooks, Imitation Crab (Knife/Fork/Book, 2020) and Blue Knight (Auric Press, 2022). Tomorrow is a Holiday is his first full length collection.

* * *

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