Two Poems: The Goldberg Variations 

The Goldberg Variations (New Star Books) melds pop culture, slang, jargon, the overheard and the political into the building blocks of new poems long and short, big and small.

Read two poems from the collection, below.


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Two poems from The Goldberg Variations 

“Naum Gabo!”

“More likely a stroller”

* * *

Clint Burnham is a poet and academic from Comox, British Columbia. His other recent books include Pound @ Guantanamo (Talon, 2016), and White Lie (Anvil, 2021). Burnham’s writing has appeared in The Capilano Review, Artforum, The Globe and Mail, and The Vancouver Sun. He has taught at the University of British Columbia, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Capilano College, and, since 2007, at Simon Fraser University.

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