Top 10: Literary Couples

From romantic love to canine-human friendship, we’re celebrating all kinds of love this week with our roundup of Top 10 literary couples.


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10. Clementine and Emma
from Blue is the Warmest Color by Julie Maroh (Arsenal Pulp Press)
In this translated graphic novel about falling in love and coming out, an electric and intense attraction between teens Clementine and Emma test ideas about identity and relationships with friends and parents. Blue is the Warmest Color is a must-read to revel in the memory of first love and the rebellion of youth.
9. Aaron and Samantha
from Touching Strangers by Stacey Madden (Now or Never Publishing)
Aaron and Samantha are a couple made in hypochondriac heaven: their paranoid trips to the doctor and intimate examinations of their bodies have bound them together in sterilized bliss. A dark comedy about the fear of disease and death, Touching Strangers is a germaphobic romp that’s hard to put down. 


8. The lovers
from For as Long as It Rains by Zviane, translated by Helge Dascher (Pow Pow Press)
In this Joe Shuster Award-winning graphic novel, two lovers leave behind their respective lives for a romantic weekend together. This one’s for the long-distance couples who know how to make the most of their time together.
7. Alex and Zee
from Alex & Zee by Cordelia Strube (ECW Press)
For those who are more realist than fairytale-ist, Cordelia Strube’s wickedly funny debut novel follows married couple Alex and Zee as they wrestle with decisions about their future together while surrounded by the everyday crises of urban life.
6. Elaine and Adele
from Adele’s Garden by Linda Amyot, translated by Norman Cornett (Coteau Books)
We’d be remiss not to include the love shared between two good friends, even if they are generations apart. In this beautifully translated YA novel, a teenage girl becomes fast friends with an elderly woman and the two become confidantes. While one falls in love for the first time, the other reflects on a past love, but what they also discover is the power of female friendship. 


5. Louisa and a high-school sweetheart
from The Invention of Romance by Conni Massing (Playwrights Canada Press)
In this theatrical rom-com, Kate has been tasked with mounting an exhibit about the history of romance and love despite, an area she is all too unfamiliar with. While we root for her romantic success, the real love story takes off when her elderly mother Louisa rekindles a romance with her high-school sweetheart. 
4. Paula and Héctor
from A Thousand Consolations by Julie Roorda (Brindle & Glass)
When Paula meets Héctor, a former concert pianist seeking refuge from the Mexican narcos who severed his fingers, she begins to see the possibilities of love and romance again. But as luck and great love stories would have it, their relationship begins with complications when Héctor learns his time in Canada might be up.
3. Meg and Bruce
from Taking a Chance on Love by Mary Razzell (Ronsdale Press)
Set on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia during WWII, this YA novel has at its centre a story of first love. The dreamy relationship between seventeen-year-old Meg and Bruce, a young naval officer who is back from the Battle of the Atlantic, is about as sweet as a teen love story can get. 


2. Boy and Girl
from This Poem Is a House by Ken Sparling (Coach House Books)
This Poem Is a House—a novel in verse—sees boy, an eccentric poet and girl, a loving partner, fall in love, get married, and deal with tragedy all while girl plays shelter to boy’s poetry. If that’s not love, we’re not sure what is.
1. Adrian and Ollie
from Adventures with Ollie by Adrian Chamberlain (Oolichan Books)
This one’s for all the dog owners who know what it’s like to fall in puppy love with their pooch. Told in a series of vignettes, Adventures with Ollie follows the hilarious exploits of a playful and headstrong pug and his owner as they wrestle with housetraining and new tricks.* * *For more Top 10s, click here.