Summer Flings: Book Characters We Loved

As far as intensive reading experiences go, being completely taken by a fictional character tops the list! Nothing keeps you well invested in a story like a character you have come to adore and feel close to. You laugh with them, cry with them, you hurt with them, and rejoice with them. Basically, you get them. But it’s a connection that, sometimes, only lasts till the end of the book. And no sooner than later, you move on to the next one. We, at All Lit Up, decided to call these fictional love interests “summer flings.” We went around asking our club members to tell us about the fictional characters they loved and why. Here are two flings to remember.


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Edgar Martin from Trevor Strong’s Edgar Gets Going (Now or Never Publishing Co.)Edgar is definitely a guy you’d rather have a fling with than a full-blown relationship: his apartment is beyond dirty, he subsists on domestic beer and pizza, and – did I mention? – he’s a washed-up bassist from a one-hit-wonder 80s band. I still find him and his exploits super-charming, though (what does this say about me?). Whether he’s joining a band for children – that may or may not involve him dressing up as a giant bee – or wearing his “bass-face”, I’ll always kind of have a thing for Edgar. 
Bunny from Alisha Piercy’s Bunny and Shark (Book*hug)Bunny is a total badass. Despite finding herself literally neck-deep in water after her ex-partner pushes her over a cliff in the Caribbean, this heroine is determined to stay afloat. She’s cunning, she steals, and she’s far from perfect (who wants perfect anyway?) but her determination to survive, to be seen, is the reason I admire her. Go Bunny!