Summer Book Club: Ready for More in 2024

It’s hot, the days are long, and this can mean only one thing: our summer book club is back! This year, we’re reading Jade Wallace’s Anomia (Palimpsest Press) in July and Kama La Mackerel’s translation of Valérie Bah’s The Rage Letters (Metonymy Press) in August. Read on for more about these exciting picks, and for an exclusive discount to score your own reading copy.

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ALU Book Club is Back! Get 15% off our Summer Book Club picks with the discount code INTHECLUB2024

July’s Pick: Anomia by Jade Wallace (Palimpsest Press)

July's Pick: Anomia. Featuring the cover of the book and a pull quote from Aaron Tucker: "Anomia is the sum of its many multiple parts, a whirling, delightful strange weaving of friendships, suspicion, and small town conspiracy.”

Writer and poet Jade Wallace has pulled off an impressive feat in Anomia: it’s a novel without any gendered pronouns. Indeed, in Euphoria, the small, rural community that serves as the setting of Wallace’s novel, characters bear names like Fir or Mal – and we focus instead on their personalities, and the way they carry themselves in town and with their neighbours. But Anomia is more than the skillful execution of a writerly challenge: it’s a beautiful, heart-rending novel about love, friendship, and loneliness, with a little bit of mystery in the mix.

We know you’ll love reading Anomia along with us this July, so here’s what’s in store:

July 3 – We get a longer introduction to Anomia, including an interview with the book’s publisher Palimpsest Press
July 10 – We interview author Jade Wallace about how the world of Anomia came to them
July 17The ALU team sits down to discuss Anomia (and cooks up some questions to use with your own book club)
July 24 – Our book-sperts give you followup recommendations for Anomia.

And of course, get 15% off your copy of Anomia with the discount code INTHECLUB2024.

August’s Pick: The Rage Letters by Valérie Bah,
translated by Kama La Mackerel (Metonymy Press)

August's pick: The Rage Letters. Featuring the book's cover and a pull quote from a Quill & Quire starred review: “a daring and jubilant work that details the nuanced textures of queer friendship with a discerning, humorous, and powerful voice. Bah is a storyteller like no other.”

In the Montreal of The Rage Letters, a rotating cast of characters find lovers, contend with family, grind through the work day (and sometimes, night), and suffer micro (and sometimes, macro) aggressions at the hands of white Montrealers. The connections between these glimpses of queer, trans, and Black lives become more apparent as you read, turning fragmented stories and vignettes into a vibrant sense of community. Lose yourself in this engrossing read by filmmaker and writer Valérie Bah, sumptuously translated by Kama La Mackerel.

As we’re sure you, like us, are already fired up for reading The Rage Letters in August, here’s what’s in store:

August 7 – We learn more about The Rage Letters from publisher Metonymy Press.
August 14 – We interview author Valérie Bah about this English edition of their work.
August 21 – The ALU team discusses all things The Rage Letters (and provides our questions for you to use with your book clubs, too).
August 28 – ALU’s editors provide you with perfect follow-up reads to The Rage Letters.

And of course, get 15% off your copy of The Rage Letters with the discount code INTHECLUB2024.

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We can’t wait to get to book clubbing with you all this summer! Remember to get your copies of our picks Anomia and The Rage Letters with our exclusive 15% off discount code INTHECLUB2024 and free Canadian shipping (or, visit your local independent bookstore or library – whichever suits you best!).