Season’s Readings: Deck the Lolz

It’s the inaugural day of ALU Season’s Readings – a checklist of giftable books for those with all kinds of reading tastes. First up are two books for the chuckleheads on your list whose book collections come complete with a humour ranking.


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Deck the LOLZ with two book recommendations for the chuckleheads whose book collection comes with a humour ranking. Plus: get ’em for 15% off until December 13th!
Fans of Andrew Kaufman’s cult hit All My Friends Are Superheroes will find the same magic, humour, and metaphor in Kaufman’s newest novel The Ticking Heart (Coach House Books), which sees recently divorced Charlie trapped in Metaphoria, an otherworldly place where everything means something else. There, he’s a detective with a timed mission to find the missing heart of his client’s husband before his own bomb-replaced heart explodes. The Ticking Heart is a magical, moving novel about the emotionally adrift, the broken-hearted ones who are trying to find the purpose of their hearts.
The story of three men who formed a micro-nation—called the Principality of Outer Baldonia—off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1948 may sound far-fetched but it’s absolutely true: A.J. Demers’s Whimsy State (Playwrights Canada Press) tells the hilarious tale of the men who frustrated with the government’s plan around commercial fishing rights that pose overcrowding to wildlife, declare independence from Canada. A charming play best served with a splash of rum, this one’s for the history buffs who like their reading short but entertaining, aye!* * *The Ticking Heart and Whimsy State are 15% off until December 13th, and buying these or any of our Season’s Readings books during this time gets you a stack of our Season’s Readings postcard to gift with your books. Stay tuned for more giftable books tomorrow and follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #ALUseasonsreadings.