Poetry in Motion: Justene Dion-Glowa + Trailer Park Shakes

Sachiko Murakami says of queer Métis poet Justene Dion-Glowa’s collection Trailer Park Shakes (Brick Books) that their “voice crackles with frank, startling insight.” You’ll find the same with their video reading of “Ruts” from the collection, below.


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The poems in Trailer Park Shakes are direct and vernacular, rooted in community—a working-class Métis voice rarely heard from.These poems, while dreamlike and playful, bear unflinching witness to the workings of injustice — how violence is channeled through institutions and refracted intimately between people, becoming intertwined with the full range of human experience, including care and love. Trailer Park Shakes is a book that seems to want to hold everything — an entire cross-section of lived experience — written by a poet whose courage, attention, and capacity to trace contradiction inspire trust in their words’ embrace. Dion-Glowa’s poems are quietly philosophical, with a heartfelt, self-possessed politic.

Justene Dion-Glowa reads “Ruts” from Trailer Park Shakes

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Justene Dion-Glowa is a queer Métis creative, beadworker and poet born in Win-Nipi (Winnipeg) and has been residing in Secwepemcú’lecw since 2014. They are a Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity alumni. They have been working in the human services field for nearly a decade. Their microchap, TEETH, is available from Ghost City Press. Trailer Park Shakes is their first full length poetry book.


Thanks to Justene for their reading of “Ruts” for this edition of Poetry in Motion.For more Poetry in Motion, click here.