On the Search for a Great Graphic Novel

Things we’re searching for lately: more snacks, more clothes that are the perfect blend of couch-comfy and Zoom-meeting appropriate, and enough good reads to get us through the rest of 2020. For anyone else seeking out the latter, we’re passing on recs for 3 graphic novels that are all about taking up a search for something – from mountain mysteries to family histories and the definition of ‘home.’


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Swimming in Darkness by Lucas Harari, translated by David Homel (Arsenal Pulp Press)After dropping out of school for architecture, Pierre travels to the Swiss Alps, to a thermal spring complex designed by Peter Zumthor, the subject of his thesis. Located deep within a mountain, the spring holds mysteries that Pierre slowly begins to uncover. He soon finds he isn’t the only one with an obsession for the mountain’s dark secrets…

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Little Russia by Francis Desharnais (Pow Pow Press)This graphic novel is Francis Desharnais’s own attempt to seek out his family history by exploring Québec’s rural heritage and life in the village of Guyenne, a.k.a ‘Little Russia,’ where more than half of an inhabitants income goes towards developing the colony. This story unfolds through the lens of grassroots socialism and early feminism to tell the tale of a forgotten social experiment.

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Langosh and Peppi
by Veronica Post (Conundrum Press)Combine Tin Tin and Huckleberry Finn and you’ll get Langosh & Peppi, Veronica Post’s debut, semi-autobiographical graphic novel that centers on the 2015 European migrant crisis in Hungary. We follow Langosh, a vagabond, and his faithful pupper as they seek to escape the confines of conformity by visiting the places on the margins. Through their journey from alleyway to countryside they witness first-hand the personal and national struggles of people they meet along the way and realize the stark difference of choosing to leave ones home versus being cast out by one’s own country. This is a story about what it means to be human and understanding the meaning of ‘home.’

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